Practical Games for Orthographic Mapping! Connecting the sounds, spellings, and meanings of words to make learning to read easier, more effective, and fun!

In this workshop, Martha Kovack, MEd, OCT, will share her stories and experiences from a three-decade-long quest to find the most effective and highly regarded research and instructional approaches to learning to read. Learn about the Reading Rope, the Simple View of Reading, and how Orthographic Mapping fits into these frameworks to help make learning to read easier and more effective for allstudents – especially for those with dyslexia. Participants will learn how to help students recognize words in a systematic and explicit way and will leave with new ideas for practical games/activities that will ensure lots of practice with decoding, learning new vocabulary, and mapping words onto the brain!


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Martha Kovack

    Martha Kovack is the founder/owner of Sound Readers.