Making Phonics Stick

Does it feel as if your sight word and phonics instruction is like pushing a giant boulder uphill? The phonics and the sight words just never seem to stick for some students? There is a solution to this perennial dilemma! Discover how to zero in on the root of the problem for accelerated results, instead. Also discover how to use 1 simple decoding activity, Sort It, as a hub for an entire system of reading instruction that:

  • is easy to differentiate with,
  • provides rapid acceleration in phonics & sight word knowledge, and
  • doesn't take weekly center re-creation (!!)?

Take home a weekly step-by-step routine that serves as a guide for easily planning for guided reading time, as well as literacy centers/stations.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Room 260

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  • Dr. Marnie Ginsberg

    Founder of Reading Simplified