Looking for relief: Research Insights from the 2019 BCTF Specialist Teacher Survey

This session invites you to engage with recent BCTF and global research examining the working conditions of specialist teachers. In a BCTF survey conducted in Spring 2019, over 200 LATA and TIEBC members shared their perspectives on and experiences with IEP design and implementation, school-based teams, caseload and assessment pressures, and collaboration and professional development.

As BC’s public education community negotiates various frameworks for special education funding and inclusion philosophy and practices, education research can provide the space for us to ask critical questions about the work of BC’s specialist teachers. Can we reduce paperwork and waitlists while still ensuring systems accountability and support for all students? What is the role and value of SBTs? Why is collaboration time so desired and yet so elusive? What forms of ‘relief’ do Learning Assistance and other teachers need to meet their students’ needs and potential while preserving their own professional, physical and mental well-being? We’ll discuss these and other questions raised by the LATA/TIEBC survey.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Room 210

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  • Anne Hales

    Anne Hales is a senior researcher at the BCTF.