Right Brain Reading Full Day Workshop - using neuroscience to help struggling readers be successful

AM – WHY to use this method What would you do differently if you could tell what was happening neurologically for struggling readers? Would you change your intervention? Learn how recent neurological research explains chronic non-readers' difficulties and then learn about a method that teaches reading in a way compatible with this processing. Dynamic results validate this intervention method.  

PM – HOW to use this method Learn how to organize this successful reading method for your LST room, classroom or for a student you work with. I will break down the method and show you how to set up a program for chronic non-readers. See how the Whiteboard app in Teams was used successfully during on-line learning from home too. If you want to have some instant take-aways that you can use right away, come to this dynamic workshop.


10:45 AM - 2:30 PM

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  • Jennifer Hedican