Math for Middle School

Our intermediate classrooms are diverse.  Learners come with a wide range of abilities and gaps in understanding, and these gaps are increasing all the time. How can address this diversity and plan meaningful math lessons for all? In this session for grades 4-8 teachers, participants will learn to structure lessons around an open-ended task, to engage students in mathematical conversation and modelling and to design meaningful practice opportunities to allow for consolidation of critical math concepts.  Tasks across a range of grade levels and topics will be presented in this session, some drawn from Carole’s new teaching resource: MORE Good Questions for Grades 5-8 (published in January 2021).  Come prepared to play!


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • Carole Fullerton

    Carole Fullerton is passionate about mathematics instruction.
    Carole is a teacher-leader working in K-12 classrooms to support the development of numeracy instruction across BC, Alberta, Manitoba, the territories and beyond. Addressing student diversity through rich questions, teaching through problem-solving and planning around the Big Math Ideas are essential aspects of her practice. In her collaborative work, she strives to engage students and their teachers in thought-full investigations of what it means to DO math, learning through exploration, talk and play.
    Carole has worked as both a classroom teacher and as a Learning Assistance teacher in English and in French. She has worked extensively with gifted learners and with those with speech and language issues; and so it’s important that she focus her mathematics instruction on addressing the needs of diversity across the spectrum, infusing joy and enabling competence in all learners.
    But her biggest accomplishment is her son Cameron — a confident, capable and flexible mathematician in his own right who inspires her every single day.