Accelerating the Progress of Vulnerable Readers Through Exemplary Pull-Out and Push-In Models of Reading Intervention

This research based interactive two-part in-service is designed for Elementary/Middle School Learning Support and classroom teachers. Participants will develop an understanding of how restructuring and rethinking programming and teaching practices for struggling readers (and writers) can lead to accelerated gains for at-risk students. Drawing on leading educational researchers some schools are reconsidering their delivery modes for pull-out and in-classintervention models for at-risk readers. In an interactive manner, the presenters will model and describe how a daily, strategically-based pull-out and in-class reading intervention can make a positive difference with vulnerable students. Participants will be provided with opportunities to practice and experience how to teach in a manner that facilitates strategic activity. The ideas presented will be applicable to both Learning Support and Classroom teachers. This presentation will answer the question “What is possible for students experiencing difficulties in reading?” Over the last seven years approximately 300 students serviced by both presenters who were below grade level in reading reached the average band of instruction. The presenters will also discuss how to use “Zoom” to support students not attending school.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • Breanne Glover
  • Paul Panteleo