Tools for Inclusion

What is inclusion? How do you really do that in your classroom? Come put some tools in your toolbox. As our teaching practice is ever-evolving, so are the mindset and tools surrounding inclusion. Using the principles of the Low Arousal Approach, Collaborative Proactive-style Solutions and Natural Play Therapy, leave this session with an understanding of the hows, the whys, and how to address the what if's of inclusion along with the confidence to apply them in your classroom on Monday. Be prepared to move around and talk to the person beside you as part of this workshop.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Room 215

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  • Mandy Sharky

    Mandi Sharkey, a Neurodiversity Consultant at BC-based E.P.I.C. Collaborative, is an advocate, Low Arousal trainer and certified educator. She holds her Masters in the Science of Teaching with additional qualifications in Special Education and for the last 15 years has worked in the public, private, Indigenous, and homeschool settings. She is committed to helping families and educators in the neurodiverse community access the tools for more success with less stress. Her presentations cover Inclusion, IEPs, Natural Play Therapy, Low Arousal Approach and Collaborative Proactive-style communication.