Educating the Underdiagnosed

This is a presentation about what it is like to be an undiagnosed autistic female in the school system, including the conditions of echolalia, alexithymia and anxiety. As I grew up in a school system that did not recognize my autism, I will speak about issues concerning females on the spectrum from my perspective. I will suggest that the lives of many Canadians would improve through more effective research methods involving autistic females, including the re-evaluating of the criterium used to diagnose females.  Further, the presentation discusses a National Autism Strategy, and how having one would address the needs of both the autistic community, and the communities that support them. I envision this to be a 20 minute slide presentation with a following question period.

*Please note that this is a recorded presentation. Questions to the presenter will be submitted at the end.


10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

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  • Rebekah Kintzinger

    Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance, Pacific Autism Family Network, Board of Directors CASDA, Okanagan Advisor PAFN, Mentor, and Self Advocate