Friday, October 23, 2020

    • Dr. Paula Kluth - Supporting Inclusion in Challenging Times & Creating Schools for All

    • 3 Activities a Day to Keep Reading Difficulties Away LIMITED SPOTS
    • Educating the Underdiagnosed
    • The Alphabet Linking Program
    • The Co-Taught Classroom: 5 Ways to Create an Amazing, Nearly Miraculous & Earth-Shattering Partnership

    • Accelerating the Progress of Vulnerable Readers Through Exemplary Pull-Out and Push-In Models of Reading Intervention
    • Right Brain Reading Full Day Workshop - using neuroscience to help struggling readers be successful
    • Supporting Communication and Social Interaction for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the School Setting
    • Supporting Student Success with Social-Emotional Learning

    • EBLI and Delivering the Components of Effective, Efficient Reading and Writing Instruction, Online or In-Person
    • Practical Games for Orthographic Mapping! Connecting the sounds, spellings, and meanings of words to make learning to read easier, more effective, and fun!
    • The Iron Won’t Get Hotter: Using UDL in Today’s Classrooms

    • Best Literacy Practices
    • Current Issues in Learning Support