Keynote - Dr. Paula Kluth - Supporting Inclusion in Challenging Times & Creating Schools for All

Educators, advocates, and families are concerned about inclusive schooling as we start a year with many challenges. We are faced with the juxtaposition of struggling to figure out how to "do inclusion" and realizing that both staff and students have never needed it more. Due to both COVID-19 and the isolation associated with it, belonging and connection will undoubtedly need to be a primary focus of the school year. In fact, this crisis may be the perfect time to “lean in” and create new opportunities for all learners.

In this session, Dr. Kluth will discuss both the current state and the possible near future of inclusive education. She will explore how to move inclusive practices and ideology forward in this climate and present themes and strategies that might be helpful in doing so. Topics that will be addressed include understanding inclusion as a process (vs. as a place), planning creatively, and focusing on self-determination as a goal.


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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  • Dr. Paula Kluth

    Dr. Paula Kluth is a consultant, author, advocate, and independent scholar who works with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities and to create more responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners. She is a former K-12 special educator who has served as a classroom teacher, co-teacher, and inclusion facilitator. Paula has also been a university professor and has taught courses on both inclusion and disability studies. Most recently, Paula’s work has centered on helping teachers and administrators educate all students in their schools and classrooms. She also frequently works with families and advocacy groups to support goals related to inclusion. In addition to inclusive education, her professional interests include Universal Design for Learning, co-teaching, and educating students with complex support needs.

    #All In: 17 Ways to Include All Students in Virtual Classrooms is Paula’s newest book. She is also the author or co-author of 14 other titles including Universal Design Daily30 Days to the Co-Taught ClassroomDon’t We Already Do Inclusion?, and “You’re Going to Love This Kid!”: Teaching Students with Autism in Inclusive Classrooms. She is also the author of a few books for children including Coaster, a story of puppy with wonderful wheels.

    Paula has won several awards in her field. She is the recipient of the PEAK Parent Center’s Ally for Inclusion Award; The PEAL [Parent Education & Advocacy Leadership] Center’s Inclusive Education Champion Award; The National Down Syndrome Congress’s Educator of the Year; The Belle Center of Chicago’s Inclusion Advocate of the Year; and the University of Wisconsin’s “Forward Under 40” Award.